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Keeping the updates up at a good clip. So far so good.

I've managed to find a better way to draw the comics that, while still letting me use the brushes and pens I want, also speeds up the process a whole lot. I lay the strip out in Illustrator first, put in the phylacteries and text, then print out the panels in a light grey at 150% so I can draw in the art, then scan it back into Photoshop before importing the original Illustrator elements. Looks just as good and takes half as long as the old way. I'm pleased.

In other news, I've traded my PS2 and games to a friend in exchange for his Gamecube and games. I'm discovering games the world has known for years now, but they're just as fun. Time to reconnect with my inner child.

I've also started up a couple polls and question threads in the forums - if any of you are still out there, drop in and give us your opinion! It'd be much appreciated.

See you next update!


This comic got a bit off schedule... but 3 days isn't much, really.

Today, the household had Direct TV installed, so we have Real Television in the house! Which means I have to spend at least some of this first evening with rTV sitting on a couch and watching TeeVee. And it'll be way more enjoyable than watching Mr Food flirt with the camera (or his own voice, I can't tell).

Off to do battle with the glowing box of dumb!



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