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And we're back on the update train. Let's hope it won't derail again.

The glam pic this time is of the City of Heroes character generator, now free to the masses! Of course, it's the Korean version, but it can be easily fooled into speaking English. Fear the skirted metal powersuit of justice!

In other news, we've started up a Wiki for our strip's setting and information-based goodies. Feel free to check it out and contribute if you want to! It'll be primarily a way for Halcy and I to keep notes on the strip (thanks to restricted pages) but anything that isn't secret or has been mentioned in the comic proper will be viewable and editable by all. Go nuts! Within reason.

I'm also going to change tactics for the next strip. Drawing each picture separately and compositing everything afterwards in Photoshop is such a huge timesink I need to find a quicker way. I'll probably end up drawing individual panels... ah, I'll find something. If you have any suggestions (as I draw directly with a pen-style brush), feel free to drop by the forums and point me in the right direction. Thanks are packaged and sent in advance.

That's it for this update - see you all later!


I think these are the closest updates we've done in a year. Kickass!

As I'm sure Havoc is pointing out, you ought to go and look at the new Wiki. It's filled with many things GotR, including the comics footnotes I may or may not have spoken about in an earlier update.

Those who deface the Wiki will not only see their ill works soon reversed, I will personally use the dark arts against them. In response to the housemate who asked me 'which dark arts', I say 'whichever I so fancy at the time'.



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