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And back at it.

I've recently (this weekend) been knee-deep in webcomics, more than I can name. Some of the good that came out of that was a boost in motivation to get off my ass and draw again, which led to this strip. Both Halcy and I really want to get to the good part (as this entire arc is rather depressing...), so we're sticking to it.

I've pretty much left my tablet aside for now, drawing exclusively with Staedtler non-permanent lumocolors (What are they, pens? Brushes? They don't say.) to a good effect. I'll stick to that for a bit.

I'm also looking at php scripts so that I may rework the site (again), this time into something more easily updateable. So far I've got CUSP in my mitts, and it looks neat.

The little glam pic up top is everybody's favorite blue bomber, inspired by the Protomen's epic - go see their site, listen, and buy their CD. If you do not, then Wily's evil robots have already won.



Shit! I still have to write a rant for this, don't I? Just fooling, I actually finished pretty early in the evening, so I'm still chipper and all.

As a general announcement, I've started real plans to go back to school. I'm looking to attend locally so I don't send my life into spasms. FUnny enough, working in comic books here gives me people I can get names and numbers from to make this all slightly better.

Living with many alumni doesn't hurt either.

Currently I'm researching and refreshing my studies, as I need to go and take the SAT. I never did that in High School. I'm also not even sure if I took the High School MEAP (Michigan blah blah standardised test), and if I did my bid on the Michigan Merit Award has expired. Ah well.

Hopefully by the time January is up I'll have all my old transcripts in my posession and my taxes in.

Oh, and I'm planning to go into Environmental Engineering/Urban Planning and Design. I hear Urban Planning is a laugh, but I'll just have to wait and see.

Other than this my life has been relatively quiet. I had a good holiday season and a new year's party where noone got naked. Huzzah 2006!



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