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Almost a year gone by and many things changed, but this little project isn't cancelled just yet. Halcy had her strip done months and months ago - I ended up being the spanner in the works and just couldn't get something onto the virtual page.

It took a comic project at work to get me out of this horrible artistic dry spell I've been having for the past months; I've obviously lost my touch with the tablet, so I went another way and came back to straight brushes on paper. I used an especially big, flexible one to try out the style in this strip and although I don't plan on making a habit of it, it was fun to use and I was able to get the art done in an afternoon, with another few hours on top to get it into JPG form assembled and lettered. All told, still time-consuming, but quite liberating - and I actually managed to finish it.

The aforementioned work project is pretty nifty, too; I'm now published in our monthly sales flyer. I do a full-page comic in the back mixing student/teacher life at the university with some plugs for our co-op's computer department goods and services. It also got me back into comicmaking, which is a blessing.

Over the past few months I've managed to get myself an iPod, then upgrade it, and discover the podcasting scene. Listening to all these quite entertaining shows gave me the itch and I went and started my own little tiny podcast, mostly in preparation for a larger and more intricate project to come later. It's called the CritCast and basically consists of me bitching and screaming at video games that, while for the most part quite entertaining, do occasionally turn me into a raving lunatic.

I'll be doing my best to get back on this horse; see you folks soon.





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