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Never thought I'd see four months pass without an update, but there you go. Many things have happened since, primarily involving my trip to fun East Lansing, Michigan, followed by a very harrowing work assignment, followed by the back to school rush and basically a long period of sleep deprivation which did no good to my creative tendencies. But I've managed to get this update done and I'll be doing my best to keep at it. We've certainly got a lot of plot to go through yet and I don't intend on leaving people hanging, especially not now.

I've gone through so many games in the past whiles, games that others have reviewed or commented on more extensively than I, so whatever else I may have to add will be of little consequence. Let's simply say that rolling stuff into a bright and shining star is fun, but should not detract from blowing up spore-infested cosmic hula-hoops or prevent one from defending the power core.

One thing of note: thanks to my girlfriend, I've managed to vanquish my blob. Most of you know what I mean by this; the blob. Our blob. The living, breathing, thriving mass of sheer stuff that follows us through life because we put off organizing it or getting rid of the no-longer-useful parts of it. Well, mine's dead now. Went in, splattered it over the floor, sorted through its innards and bought new storage solutions to keep it in, where it will do no harm anymore. The rest of it is sleeping in the dumpster or being sold on eBay. If anyone's interested in old-generation consoles, drop me a line.

I'll keep drawing, keep practicing on improving my technique and, most importantly, keep working on another update. See you soon!

[PS: There's your mushroom cloud, Joseph. :) ]


Well, this last hiatus saw alot of things happening! I've since moved into my new house with Rachael, Scott and Kim. So that took more than one week. And we have a wireless/wired home network. Which took another week out of stripping time. And so on.

A Deadlands campaign of about 2.5 years ended in the interim, too. No more 'Mitch' Von Damme, wild west man impersonator. No more 'Fade' Kincaide, Shadow Man, and all-around guy you don't want to stand near when he's reloading his gun. No more 'Smokes', tinhorn with an evil pocketwatch and 'baccy habit. No more sanctimonious preacher man running for mayor. And no more of Ben Cole, who occasionally cast spells with his demonic poker games. When he wasn't busy losing.

So my Friday night game is going to change considerably over the next few weeks, and that should be interesting.

Next weekend I get to go to Wizard World Chicago! If you're going, look for me around the artists booths. I'm not really going to have much art there, but I'm bringing a sketchpad and lots of mini-flyers to drag some people to the site. I'm tagging along with a pack of other people of varying artistic output, so it's a good deal.

[Havoc Says: The fact that Wizard World took place over two months ago tells you just how late my particular side of this update is. Sorry.]



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