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It's late, I'm tired, and I'm working in the morning.

Still. I beat Shinobi, so that's worth something. Except now I discover it has a Hard mode. That's like finishing an nth-thousand piece puzzle and finding out there's an end boss.

Enough video game masochism for now. Back to Fire Emblem.

Hopefully, as the halcy one says, we'll update before the week is over. See you all soon!


Another long delay, but still, there are more strips! If we can, we want to get something up Friday as well, because Alex is coming to the states to visit for a week, and that will be a week without GotR whether we're exceptionally busy OR exceptionally lazy. Ah well, perhaps original art will come of this!

This last dream dive has been pretty mean, and to be honest, not many nice things get to happen in the near future..but oh there will be plot.

On my end, preparations to move into a new house continue, and soon I'll even be packing for the ordeal.

Speaking of moves, last Sunday the shop where I work moved up a flight of stairs to a spot right above where it usually is! 21st Century Comics and Games is now an upstairs location, slowly settling into its new place. It's just a move-themed sort of month, the same way Jean is getting moved into C-REP. Except we like these moves, because ostensibly they make good things happen.



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