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I have little free time as it is; I should be drawing and sketching more often instead of going on these incessant Halo and UT2004 binges.

Ah well. I've gotten confirmation from my travel agent that I'm off to Michigan for a week this summer, so that should prove to be the fun little vacation it always is. Always nice to let creativity run free when you're next to the person you sketch with instead of a thousand miles or two away.

See you soon!


Hurray for messed up dream characters. Nishan isn't really such a horrible person as all this, but this is about the impact he's left on his daughter's subconcious. About four months after her mother got taken into permanent care, Lucid got to come home to the results of one obsessive, rash action. All this is probably colored by my opinion of suicides; that they are irrational and monstrously selfish.

I continue to love my lightbox, as it continues to prevent me from having to draw architecture. Also, I'm glad that I remembered and took the time to use special effects in this week's strip. I think it adds alot more feeling that I've been leaving out lately.

More non-expositional exposition next update!



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