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If anyone can tell me where the above pic comes from, I'll be grateful - all I have is the name 'Demon Wars' attached to it.

And hot damn, a weekly update! I mean, what are the odds? Despite being severely sick, I managed to get this one out the door through sheer determination and a mountain of cough drops. I don't want to jinx anything, but we'll be doing our best to keep this pace up.

See you soon!


So who's going to see Hellboy this weekend? Likely myself and some of my friends. With luck, it shall be as cool as it looks.

I have gotten my yearly pair of new Tevas, and that is also good. I'm also the proud new owner of a GBA SP, meaning that I can play the Game Boy Color version of DDR that my freind Kim gave to me. The little finger pad that came with it doesn't fit, but damned if the game isn't still DDR with all the fun removed! Well, aside from my morbid fascination with all things gone horribly wrong.

See you next week, folks.



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