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Well, another hiatus narrowly averted. Hopefully we'll get our odds and ends sorted, Halcy will get a slightly more accomodating schedule and all will return to normal.

I'm pretty glad to have finished this strip and little else comes to mind right now, so have yourselves a pleasant holiday season.

Oh, there we go - I've started up a DeviantArt account for my OC and primarily digital art. Give it a look if it's your kind of thing, I'm always on the lookout for feedback.

See you next update!


The day I should be least good for getting a strip done and I finally do it. I was going to have a picture of my excised lower wisdom teeth as my glam pic tonight, but I figured that; 1] It would be in poor taste and 2] I don't feel like rotating my USB cables around to get the pic from my camera to my computer.

Now that the bottom ones are gone, all I have to worry about is how I'm going to pay for the top half.

For those who are interested, the procedure went great (one minute I was talking to the surgeon about his allergy to dogs and the next it was time to leave and my mouth was stuffed with gauze) and I'm not in pain. My tongue feels funny and that's about it.

This strip was finished bit by bit. Three weeks of start and stop work on it was pretty dismaying. Insert obligatory bitching about early shift here, followed by resolve to spread work amongst other days of the week as well and rest better on Tuesdays.

*tips slim-fast can to you all* Salud! Viva las liquid diet!



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