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Above is a little doodle; another girl with guns.

And now, Havoc's One-Word Game Reviews!

Mega Man Zero: Exploration!

Ninja Five-0: Hook.

Halo PC: Cortana.

Age of Mythology: The Titans: Orichalkos.

Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy: Twins!

Max Payne 2: Vinnie!

I'll be sure to update the character roster accordingly in the info section by next update. I also think that's the closest to realistic proportions I've ever drawn any character so far. Woo!

I'm about wiped for now, so have yourselves a great week, or two, or three, or four - we'll see when we can rustle up the next strip.

...or five...


D00d! 46! I kind of lost track and thought this would be number 44...

For those of you who'd like to know, I was pinned under the glass that used to be in a screen door to get the photo-tracing of panel 1 completed. I'm too poor to own a lightbox, it's sad..especially since I love phototracing backgrounds. Ah well, at some point I'll have that fixed.

It's been a whole month since update...lethargy, illness, and then a sad combination of the two held things off for so long. I say the solution is to send us money so we can work less and rest more :D

Come on, Scott McCloud money fairies! Pay me for being somewhat actively creative!

But back to the actual strip..I hope I captured the feel of a middle-sized party/group business function. Since I probably won't be able to expose it very soon in the strip and it's not some dark mystery I wanna hold back, the Lunar Madwomen are an organized pagan group dedicated to their own brand of wicca. Well, organized enough to hold haphazard chapter meetings, anyway. There's about 4 covens of 5 ladies apeice, gathered from a range of about 150 miles. Alot of these women are people Misty grew up with or at least know in passing.



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