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I remember back when we were gunning for weekly.

Suffice it to say that there have been more situations, upheavals and unforeseen circumstances that have made us delay yet again. We'll see if we can't buckle down and get some sort of regularity going, reality permitting.

In the meantime, I recommend Final Fantasy Tactics Advance to all fans of the original - it's somewhat simpler, somewhat more complex and all in all a fun play. Especially considering you can now actually link up and fight your friends, something I missed from FFT.

I've also discovered another oldie but goodie; Schlock Mercenary was recommended to me many a time, but only recently did I finally take a look at it. It's a very entertaining ongoing science fiction story brimming with humor, good fun and a level of accuracy in terms of plausibility and justification that amazes me. Had I the knowledge to understand the theorems, principles and circumstances that pop up in the background, I'm sure I'd find a whole new level of appreciation for this strip. If you haven't already, I recommend checking it out.

See you folks later! In the meantime, don't forget the forums!


A dark week, then a light week..if we can just put them back to back, we're all set..

If the last panel is no indication, I've been watching an arseload of Azumanga Daioh these past 4 days. It devours my mind and I like it.

My room is starting to look like my room again, and this comforts only move-in problems left are; my boxspring has no place to, and there are three straggling boxes filled mostly with paper that have no warm loving home. They lie destitute in the living room, crying bitter tears.

Hmm..I'm really drawing a blank on what more to say this week. Oh well. Suffer the little schoolgirls!



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