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Once again it's about five in the morning as I update.

Ever since returning from GenCon and my trip to Michigan, I've been running around looking for a new job in graphic design, working on other projects and basically keeping myself busy. And playing Dark Cloud 2, but that's only until I can get some new guns for the Ridepod. I swear, the invention system is both innovative and mind-melting... a shield, a belt and the moon gives... a pair of boots?! Why didn't I think of that first?

I'm pretty much tuckered out right now, so that's about it for me - see you next time, and please, please, please give the forums a little chatter. They're lonely and want attention. Thank you.


Pardon the massive was equal parts us sucking, us preparing for/being at GenCon, and me preparing to move out. There's lots keeping me busy all these ways.

If everything goes well, I should be just about moved out by this Friday, with perhaps some remnants of stuff to get into the new apartment Saturday and Sunday...but I hope not. I don't think my loft has been assembled yet...if it has, I didn't do it. Cripes, my room is looking empty here already...and cluttered at the same time. I'm going to have a hard time getting out my cork boards and bringing down my posters..

Also, I have enough books to crush some livestock animal with. A medium one.

GenCon was fun and semi-productive...we didn't run ourselves half to death this time and I got to leave my portfolio at home, saving me much tooth-grinding while listening to people try to say nice things about art they don't want. I've never really been good with criticism or commentary. It's either out of context or something like 'you kinda draw in that manga style, don't you?'. Which is a rich thing to hear about a style you've been developing and adapting for years. So I'm holding off on dragging my portfolio out again.

While looking for a new place I used about 400 minutes of cellphone time more than I usually burn in a month...which turned out costing me 90$ extra on my bill and left my phone shut off for a couple of days. In this new-tech world, Sprint expects you to check your account balance on the mighty internet daily to see if they feel like leaving your phone on, rather than waiting for your bill to hit circulation so that they can *then* decide you're delinquent on fees. Even if half of my calls are 2 min or less, 40c per adds right up. Got that cleared up with help from my Gram, though, so that's cool. Next time I'm shopping for apartments and houses on someone else's dime.

Hmmm...*looks above at strip* know, dear reader, this revelation has been a long time in the making...and it means we have all kinds of new bonus art we can toss in the Stuff section. Nag Havoc ;) [Havoc says: Too tired. Too late. Later.]




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