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Well, this last week started off on the wrong foot as my computer suffered a catastrophic crash, requiring me to reinstall everything in a new hard drive while the old one was sent to the local data recovery specialists. Pending said recovery, I'm working with none of my recent files, which has me considerably dismayed. If all goes well, I'll have it all back next week; as I understand it the data's still there, but the OS views the partition as unformatted. The techs tell me they just need to get at that data and, if it all goes according to plan, I stand a very good chance of recovering everything. Fingers are crossed.

My glam pic for this update is a depiction of the party's latest epic battle in my Final Fantasy online game. They bested Doomtrain with ninja skills, magic, summoned spirits and a well-placed stick in the train tracks.

In the meantime, I'm madly completing side projects that need to be done before I leave for my yearly trip to Michigan where I shall bask in the local Halcyness before heading off to GenCon. If any of you are planning to go to Indiana for this event, drop us a line and we'll chat somewhere!

That's about it for this update. See you next time!


And now for an inspired musical number. Just imagine me overdramatically singing this and dancing erratically (this is a nice word for 'badly') when you read this;

o/~ We don't have time to cover 5 months' strip continuity, so we're gonna do a montage! o/~

..except this is less of a montage and more of a Fast Forward sequence. Ah well, I was amused.

*cleans gnat corpses off of her art desk* Feckin things think that my desk lamp is G-d and fly for it, only to get singed, flop on my desk in my line of sight, and get smited by my ruler.

Got a late start tonight because I was helping my freinds Rachael and Scott pack things up for their move today. And by 'today' I mean 'it's 2am, but the sun hasn't risen yet, and by the time anyone reads this it'll really be thursday'. Which was right fun and I got some hand-me-downs and pizza out of the deal.

Last week was an absolute no-go not only because of Havoc's computer troubles, but also my mom had her second heart attack of all last Wednesday, which isn't something that leaves me feeling very motivated. It was a mild heart attack and she had a splint put in immediately to repair an artery. According to the doctors, any harm done is likely to heal in the next couple of weeks. This time around I think she'll finally buckle down and quit smoking. At least I hope so.

And I'd like to take this moment to say that modern medicine is fucking amazing.

Anyhow..I really hope we update again next week, because if we don't you won't see this strip update again till after GenCon..MAYBE the 30th if Alex and I recover very quickly (memory isn't serving me at the moment, so he might not even be back in Canada by then..). [Havoc says: Nope, I won't!]



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