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Tonight was too hot and muggy to work with paper, so I decided to do another OpenCanvas strip - it came out much better than the last. I think I've drawn my best Jann and Kenneth to date. It's a lot of work, though, so I'm not sure if I'll keep doing the strips this way. Once in a while won't hurt, however.

In the meantime, if you have an idea on how we could promote GotR and make it known to more people, drop by the forums and pipe up! We're on the lookout for better ways to bring more readers and we'd like to hear your suggestions.

It's hard to believe it's already the 26th; two more days and I'll be 23. Considering the many meanings this number has as far as I'm concerned, this should be an interesting year.

That's about it for this update. See you next time!


More stress than I care to rant about has carried on over the week. I'm glad I got the strip done, though. My scanner seems to have once again misbehaved, but I'm too tired to try and understand how. I'm proud of Simon's profile here, but not the composition of the 3rd panel.

This week's strip delves into something new and old at the same time..Lucid and Simon are always vying for leverage with each other to meet their own ends in some way. Ultimately, Lucid would be most useful to C-REP if she cooperated, and things would get 'better' for her rapidly. Except that she hasn't cooperated, and Simon's resources constantly trump her. We'll see how this develops next week.

Right now it's hot and humid in Phoenix house, and keeping my windows open and my blinds shut is all that can protect me from the temprature. I wouldn't mind leaving my windows open, but it smells like someone tipped over a dumpster out back. Oh well, it seems to be passing. Huzzah.



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