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Here it is! The new GotR design!

I'm really proud of this one, and I think it was long overdue. The old blue on white was starting to get kitschy, and I think the strip deserved a logo. So, here it is - comments appreciated. I'll be keeping the old strips just as they were; it's fun to see the layout evolve over time along with the art.

We've added a synopsis or two in the Info section, finally put some meat in the Links section and left the Stuff pretty much unstuffed for now. More to come later.

We've got a couple new arrivals in the link belt this time, and they deserve an introduction!

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki is a terrific magical girl romp with a twist. It's not just rehashed magical girl with a twist, either; everything is justified, the setting is well thought out and the villains are both cool and themed. Check it out, it's worth it. If you want to avoid spoiling the first surprise, go straight to this strip and then proceed onto the next ones with the navigation provided.

Commander Kitty is a very well-drawn anthropomorphic space adventure with huggable characters and good humor. I know I'll be looking at it for future photoshop tips. And I want one of those mice.

That's about it for this update. See you next time!


Well, last week the routine delay was caused by exhaustion on my part. I got halfway through and ran out of steam to draw with. Alex went on to finish his strip.

On the upside, this has given him time and motivation to finally do something he's wanted to for a while; update the site format! Give him a big old hand! A rubber one, to avoid goriness and litigation, please.

Also, chibis await you in the art section. Behold their majesty! (apologies to StrongBad, which is likely more entertaining than I am)

This week has seen me with very little money to feed myself with, so I've been performing various backflips with the money and resources I do have. The one I'm most impressed with (and I think my freinds are sick of hearing by now) is an improvised batch of white chili. The house had some canned beans in the pantry noone was keen on eating, I had some fish balls (think little round hot dogs, but with fish, and rubbery) and tabasco sauce. The house had spices I could work with, my housemate Tim had some cottage cheese to fake a cream sauce with. I cooked the cottage cheese with some potatos (for mass and variety, mostly. corn would have been nice) and chicken boullion. I heated the beans and spices together. It actually worked. Jiffy mix has also been my breakfast savior. Muffins and eggs and applesauce for me!

Shit, I almost eat better when I can't afford to. Mwahaha. Ha. I'm so taking myself out to eat friday.



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