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This update's glam pic is from Gunparade, which has a character named Hayami that I'm told looks a lot like Blue. He lacks the headband, but he does have some pretty cool-looking combat armor and that's good enough for me!

I've been especially busy this past month due to a contract not working out after all, which means that I need to make up the better part of two thousand canadian dollars by the middle of July. I was lucky enough to get a job at a nearby laser copy store, so that should cover about half of it. For the rest, I'm going around like crazy to nab some graphic design contracts - websites, document layout, business cards, the works. Hopefully my efforts will pay off in time.

That's about it for me. We'll see when the next update comes!


Jeebus, we're on to #40..finally.

Sorry about yet another bout of delays...this time on my end it was mostly due to a bunch of bollocks pertaining to finding a new place to live come fall. I'm sure that hasn't been everything, but it does happen to be all I can remember. Couple that stress with an early work schedule on the same day and you get delays. And there does seem to be a Wednesday evening curse now. I set up to draw, something dumb happens. Emergency house meetings, last minute house inspection clean-up, seperation from my rough drafts and art desk, anything the universe can come up with. Ah well, never fear, we're still in this for the long haul and we still enjoy putting out new strips.

This week is mostly off-plot for brevity's sake. And I've missed Misty.

I have a new printer to go along with my scanner and camera, and this makes me quite happy. I can now print out references for art and stuff off the net that I suspect will be gone in 6 months. And character sheets! Maps, paper terrain...mwahahah, geek out!



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