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He's actually just sleeping.

We've got a new panel in the Adventures of Halcycat up, with more to come sporatically. Also, the new design is taking longer than expected due to other projects, but it should be done in a week or two.

In other news, I'm getting ridiculously good at Oni for very little reason other than I like the game. It's simply the best mix of firearms and martial arts I've experienced in a tight little package; it's truly a blast to play. Currently I've beat the game on Hard, I've beat it on Hard without using any weapons, I've beat it on Hard without using any healing items and now my current challenge is beating it on Hard without using any weapons or items - I'm basically not picking anything up if I can help it, including force fields and cloaks. It's managed to slow my progress enough that I'll probably be on this game for another week or so.

In the meantime, life continues as normal - see you all next update (next week, if all goes well)! And drop by the forums, please - it's getting lonely in there. ^_^


*does happy spring dance* The weather is no longer total shit on an icy plate! And that's about the one thing that has kept me from slumping in my mood over this last week, which has been busy hectic hardworking pain.

For strip 37, I'm mostly unsatisfied. Plus: I have discovered the Burn tool. Mmm. Minus: Ira was shaded in to be brown and scanned in white. My scanner is being obnoxious to me again.

Sunday was an exhausting day; after Foundation (a local gaming convention) we had to transfer a bunch of stock back into the store. And I'd worked Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, and all day Sunday. After I got out of work, there was a candlelight vigil right in front of my store. Seeing as I had looked up the event earlier in the week, I knew it was *actually* centered right in front of the local recruiting station nearby. It's about 2.5 doors down from 21st Century Comics and Games. I took a few pictures, signed a petition and moved on. My camera isn't quite the best for evening shots, but the little orange lights filling half of my store's block is a cool shot.

My latest suprising musical affinity is for System of a Down. With some observation, it can be found that they actually know what they're doing and have a message. Perfect for recent events.

**Shameless Plug Alert** My friend Dave Crampton has recently quit his horrible corporate job and started his own business! It's called Geeks Next Door; he and some of his computer-competent freinds offer in-your-house computer service and training. If you live in the greater Lansing metro area, you can get the kind of personal service big companies can't and won't provide you for *less money than they would charge*. Tell your elders, folks; this is what will get your computer incompetent relatives off of your back. Call 517-303-0321 or email Last I heard from Dave, the website was not up yet but was going to be soon.



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