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Beware of cute packages.

Well, Halcy has the meaty update this time, so I'll be brief: I'm working on a new interface to start off the new bend we're on. With any luck it'll be done next week as the new update rolls on in. Meanwhile, enjoy the restored forums!

In the meantime, I'm waiting for news on whether I got a big-time job or not, as well as working on a zillion other projects. But I can't complain; at least I'm busy.

See you guys next update!


Whee! What a fun Wednesday! What I mean to say is: godda shit-damn! My kitchen has been in pandemonium all day; not only is my housemate Tom in the middle of repainting it (and thus moving shit all over), plumbers have been trying to fix the sink. From the time I got home from work (1pm-ish) to the time I left to hang out with my freind Rachel (7pm-ish) there has been no water. No water means no clean dishes. No water to drink. No shower, very little cooking, and my room smells kinda funny.

And my kitchen is an unholy mess, did I mention it?

So I went to Rachel's place to escape from the insanity and lack of food to cook. Sooner or later Scott and Rachel are going to start charging me part of their food budget. And I'll just have to shuffle my feet and accept it, because I really do eat alot of their food.

On the way to the apartment, I mentioned to Rachel my need to research the Catholic Church. This quickly led to a plan to crash Ash Wednesday evening mass. In theory, very very entertaining. In practise, a bad and disrespectful idea. But I think we're going to Sunday evening mass anyway so I can see what it's like. Much less disrespectful, and it doesn't waste precious strip-drawing time.

Speaking of which, more time has been created! Havoc and I have dropped two of our weekly roleplaying games, which frees up a minimum of 8hrs a week that shall be used for the strip and other thingees. Rejoice, for this monthly update bullshit may be coming to an end.

Also: I now have a sexy, sexy little digital camera; the Casio EX-S2. It puts me in the hole until next February, but I love it so much. Expect to see more real-lifey stuff invading my glam pics from now on. Do not use it as an excuse to flirt with me over email. I don't care how flexible you are, I solicit the flirtation, not you. Online advances make me want to kill.

And since it's four in the morning now, it's time to de-stinkify myself in the thing with the sprayer of hot water and then pass out in my enourmous fluffy bed, which is also huge and comfy. Yar.



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