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My friend Featherfall draws beautifully. I'll just have to watch Witch Hunter Robin now.

I guess we're still getting the hang of things; weekly has yet to be achieved but we keep trying. If there are any delays down the road, check the Announcement board in the forums - I'll post any and all notices there as well as ETAs.

In other news, our anime club's starting up again and we're hoping to get a boost in membership this time around. This is due to the Club Anime Québec slowly making its way to full certification as a sociocultural club with the local university, which means better coverage, publicity and perks. We've got high hopes are some good series on the plate, so if you happen to be in the general Quebec City area, give us a call. Details can be found at the club's new page at Page design courtesy of Featherfall too.

I'm also finishing up an intense but incredibly useful job search workshop on (appropriately enough) finding employment. With any luck, I'll be doing what I do best for a biweekly paycheck before long. There are a lot of graphic design outlets in Québec, so I'm not too worried. Still, luck can't hurt!

That's it for this update - if said luck is indeed with us, maybe we'll be able to manage an update next week. Fingers are crossed!



Apologies for the past month, other art projects and general winter murkiness kind of killed things. Well, alright, killed things very much.

Let's see... in these intervening weeks I've beaten Kingdom Hearts, and it was well worth my time. I think. (Free! I'm free, I tell you!)

I've also been receiving and buying more books in the past three weeks than I've collected in the last three months. Not even roleplaying books, since most of them were borrowed from a freind or inherited from my Uncle's stash. All in all, good stuff though. Lots of classic authors and interesting topics (military uniforming, the modern gentleman, the history of clothing and fashion, the early ideas of vegetarians, transactional analysis, and more), enough to keep me in reading for half a year. With any luck, I'll get my research reading done before it's critical.

Oh, and another new development; I get to work Wednesday mornings until the semester changes over. This means that I get up at 7:45am ('AM?!', my circadian rhythmn shrieks), come home around 1, then fall over on my bed and pass out until 4pm. This might affect updates a bit (I know that's what killed it last week for me), but I'm trying to adjust, and I really need the money.




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