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We actually did it.

We'll be doing our damnedest to update weekly from now on. Hell, we did it once, we can do it again!

In the meantime, we're between freelancing jobs (see halcy's post) and finally have some time to relax. For me, though, this also includes finding a job - I haven't been able to land one since last year (nothing with a stable paycheck, at least; I'm living with graphic design contracts) and in all honesty I haven't been looking all that hard. January 2003 marks a change in that, though - if all goes well I'll be employed before February. If you can help bring that around, well, you know where to reach me! ^_^

Both me and Halcy will be working on and off on some of our personal projects; I personally am going to try and bring my art a bit more up to snuff. We'll see how things go.

Before I leave to crash, my glam pic for this week is part of my new wallpaper, something called "T'oshi and Rapid." I have no idea how I acquired it. If someone can direct me towards the originator of it, I'll be very grateful. In the meantime, enjoy the Blue-like character and oh-so-amazing military armor.


This last week has seen me become addicted to Thai food and tofu. There's not much else for me to say about that.

For those wondering, the writing got in on time, and now it's the waiting game. This is where I pretend not to care or be anxious about the review of something I've spent many hours and days worrying over and working on already. Since I'm playing this game, I'm really suprised we got out a strip on time. It's a good week, then.

I also got to finish watching Revolutionary Girl Utena...heavy stuff, but well worth it. Being princely is hazardous to your health.

I haaaaate Akio. Him and his shiny dentless sexmobile, too. Grr. I spent most of his screen time pretending to poke his eyes out with my mechanical pencil. And you should, too.

Oh yeah, nearly forgot; you should go check out the shiny new forums! If you've gone into our forums before and puked at the uselessness of them or the ad weightyness, that's gone now! It's all us, and it's all good!



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