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Happy Near Year!

This has indeed been a rather full set of holidays, but we've managed to pull through. My glam pic this update is of the much-befouled Candy Train, one of the newer games by PopCap. Try it at your own risk, for it may glue you to the screen for days on end.

As far as this update goes, we've got a bunch of content up for you! In the Stuff section are two new items: another setting-transposed pic (this time for you Jann fans) and the first panel from what will be an ongoing saga: the Adventures of Halcycat. Stay tuned.

During the holidays, me and Halcy also came to discover and cherish some new webcomics, now quick-linked to our Comic Belt at the bottom of this page.

Unicorn Jelly is an amazingly deep journey into the lives of simple people who become enraveled in designs so great that they challenge the very structure of their completely unique universe and reality. The sheer quantity of love and work that Jennifer Diane Reitz has poured into this production is staggering, from alternate universe strip expansions to full d20 stats of every character... not to mention the incredible Powers of 10 map. A must-see - go read this comic.

Venus Envy, a comic as young as our own, follows the daily life of Zoe, a young transsexual slowly undertaking the path of transition to her true identity. This comic grows on you and may well cause you to take a long moment to ponder your own place in this psychosocial world. Give it a look, it's definitely worth it.

Finally, Life of Riley is a classic that is now included here based on the fact that I read through the archive in one night (just as I did with the other comics I posted above) and I think it's a fine addition to anyone's daily read. Dance Dance Revolution and paintball humor mixed in with reality-rending epic moments - perfect way to start the day.

I think that's all for this time... see you around next update! I'm not saying next week because we obviously can't promise it, but we're still doing our best to get back in the groove. Luck be with us.


Another couple of weeks of family crisis, HOLIDAYS (oh good gracious, the holidays..) and murky, strip-halting CRAP.

On a good note, I got pretty much everything I asked for for Xmas, and that makes me a happy neko. The big highlight presents were a bike lock (so I can ride my bike places other than home and work), a battery recharger and a bunch of new rechargeables, and a nice fat Amazon gift cert. I should have the movies I ordered just in time to help me recover from post-deadline writer's stress.

While working on today's strip, I decided it would be a good idea to try playing Kingdom Hearts to let my brain catch a breather. By the time the game proved to be an actual interactive video game and not just a pretty sequence of the main character falling through reality over and over, I knew this was a bad idea, so I shut it off. I'm playing Kingdom Hearts on the rumors that Goofy is a tremendous badass in the game, and I'll have lots of fun doing Goofy imitations where I can say 'Ha-hyuk! I'm gonna take ya to school!'

New Years I got to spend among freinds and doing one of the many things I love best: collecting new music. I also got to drink, but I drank too slow to catch a real buzz. And see more Don Hertzfeldt animations. Go find Billy's Balloon. I command you. For your own damn good.



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