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It's currently earlier than I care to wake up and I haven't gone to sleep yet, so I'll be brief.

I wish I had a Gamecube.

See you guys next week, I hope. I really do. In the meantime, there's some new stuff in the Stuff page - check it out.


Ahh, this kooky holiday season. If it's not the split Thanksgiving, it's Santa in a diarrhea medication commercial or my mother's husband being hospitalized for Strep B (aka Flesh Eating Bacteria), it's..some other stupid goddamn thing. Oh wait; it's Michigan weather. There we go.

I was also down for a good portion of last week with the flu, once again preventing me from..basically doing anything worthwhile. I couldn't even focus enough to read.

Still, once again I'm glad to have another update. And this time there's even some extra material! I've written a new energy drink reveiw, and I've got a bit of Lucid art to post. So go look! Gaze into the soul-peircing eyes of The Memento!

One of my favorite hobbies besides creating characters is reinventing them, working out the logistics of what a character would be like if she or he were brought into a different setting. I drag them into the past, through age groups, through genres and I tinker with their skills and secondary outlooks. It's some of the most fun I have while just sitting on my butt doing nothing all day. Which was what I was doing the day before the flu smacked me down and made me cry uncle; playing with the concept of Lucid as a pulp psychic hero. She's usually not so driven, preferring to keep to reasoning things out so that she can find the most peaceful and beneficial solution for all, but to be honest, she's not far from it. Giving Lucid a single-minded dedication to anything immediately makes her scary. But it's just so much fun.



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