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It's hard enough to draw consistently; it's harder when for some reason you can't put anything down to paper. I had the worst drawing block I've ever had for the past two weeks, and I'm glad I finally got something down on paper, even if it's not much.


Last week I was struck with an odd realization, something that has been disorienting me for a while now. I have not moved in two years.

For two whole years, I have not packed up my things into boxes and carted them to an entirely different home. For the two years previous to these, I moved about 4 times. I've reached a point where NOT having moved recently makes it harder for me to find the things I don't use so often. It's hard to relate to where I am, and it would be harder if I hadn't lived here before years ago. Despite the fact that I am most definitely not moving, I feel like I should be. It's like fall hasn't come if I haven't packed my bags. I'm missing out on relocation season.

This isn't to say I'm not adjusting. I'm working on that, trying to concentrate on getting out more and hanging out with freinds more, because this time I know I won't be picking up and leaving in under 8 months. It's something new, I'll just have to get used to it.



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