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I think that time, in some way or another, has the capacity to evaporate. Of course, if time has molecules, then I suppose you could accelerate them and decelerate them to get different physical states of time. Solid time. Liquid time. Gaseous time. Time plasma.

I'm writing this rant at work, where I do enough apologizing to people. However, I am pissed with myself that the strip is late again, and the only thing I can say is that only now have I found time to finish things up. So here it is.


Bet you all thought we were never going to update again. Well, HA! This has simply been one of the worst hiatuses (hiatusi?) ever for the strip, and for my creative drive. I'm still working on it, but hopefully this will be the first step in me not being such an excusing, over-procrastinating (which means you don't even get it done at the last minute) artist what never does anything. I won't waste time apologizing or saying I'll try harder, but I don't ever want to go this long without updating again.

The story is back and running again, though, thank the gods. to the usual oddball shit I throw up into my rants..ah, here's a good one. I went to re-register to vote for my area because the last time I did it I never got a voting card. The woman at the Secretary of State's office had no record of my getting issued the very Michigan driver's liscense I handed her. I also needed an address change. She went back and talked with a superior for several minutes, for what reason and about what I don't know, but when she came back she said she'd call with more information. The voting registry went through again, hopefully this time I'll get a card for my effort. At this rate I wanna see what the mysterious things look like. I also got a call back yesterday saying I need to come in to get my picture re-taken for a new driver's liscense. Extra funny because I thought I needed a re-issue of it when I turned 21. Hrm. Oh well, whatever happens, happens. I do need to talk to some of my freinds about costuming, however. Since the old 'my liscense picture is worse than yours' game is so popular, I'm out to trump everybody.

Mwa ha. Mwa ha ha!



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