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GenCon. Dear god.

Every year I lament the fact that I have money for one convention only, but every year I'm glad I pick that one. The amount of people we met and actual professionnal conversations me and Halcy had was simply phenomenal. We carpet-bombed the exhibitors' hall with cards.

In the meantime, I've been working on my drawing style, taking some pointers, and I hope to get better. It was a rocking two weeks in Halcyland and I'll be glad to do it again next year, or sooner still if I get enough money on the side.

Our main site for professional stuff, should be online soon - for the moment it simply redirects you to my homepage. But soon, the two-person entity that is us will have our home on the web!

To wrap things up as my eyelids get droopy, we've got a new link up for grabs - Panda Rage Press, makers of webcomics and other interesting manga-style ventures. Give 'em a go!

Additionally, our Stuff section is now full of scribblings we did at GenCon as well as other art that was tossed around while I was over there - including my glam pic for this update, consisting of Mikki and Amy (our characters in a Shadowrun game) on a typical morning. I'm sure a lot of you can identify.

That's it for tonight... see you next week if all goes well!


Back from the dead. MUWAHAHAHAH!

Sorry about the drought of updates...GenCon turned us into lazier sots than we ever thought we could be. Our motivation levels are stacked up like a house of only takes a little temptation to break us down.

It certainly has been a hectic few weeks, too. My basement is in heavy renovations, people are moving out of and into my house, and I am recovering from the spendfest of GenCon. (Send money! Lots of money!)

Speaking of which, we were going to update the page with our business card art and a special GC apology rant set but...uh...we didn't. So here's my GC rant, specially annotated just for you! I was in a verbier mood then, it will explain much. Stuff in {} was just added tonight.

[No update this week or next week due to GenCon. We were both busy making our business card art this wednesday (and I was too lazy and sweltering to go 'Now, now, we can do both'), and next wednesday we'll be in Milwaukee (with neither access to a computer nor time to draw at all).

However, the week after GenCon we'll see what we can do. Havoc will be sticking around Pheonix house, so for once we'll be able to see each other's layouts in progress and so on. That should be funky. {This actually didn't happen}

And speaking of Phoenix house; we've gotten flooded. With sewage. In our basement. Cleaned and sanitized as it is now, the maintenance folk are bashing down walls because of mildew and termites. Suffice to say it is a downright FUN time to live where I live. For those of you thinking 'oh, well it's just the basement, what does she have to complain about really?', the basement contains: the kitchen, the laundry room, three bedrooms, a pantry, two storage closets, and a galley (where I parked my bicycle; it is now outdoors waiting to be stolen for a second time). {My bike was actually stolen, probably just as I was writing this rant!}

There's a little voice in my head prodding me to say good things now. Hmm. Good things..good things...well, let's see..I'm thinking of moving again. No wait, that's not quite a good thing. Other than GenCon, there's really not much shining brightly in my dim little life. So let's talk about that. {Wow, I was in a bad mood, too. No, I'm no longer thinking of moving. Crazy halcy, it won't fix a thing.}

If you're going, lucky you! You can try to catch us there while it's going on. We shouldn't be too hard to spot; Havoc is big tall geeky lookin guy and I'm a small skinny girl in a funny hat. I will in fact be dragging along a selection of funny hats. I've seen references to the point that wearing a hat to distinguish yourself is folly at a convention; but it took months to stop hearing about mine the last time I went to GC. So I'm taking it a step further this year. {I spent most of this GenCon in a cheap tophat. It made me incredibly memorable, tho alot of the times I was wearing it, it was due to the fact that I couldn't pack it in my bags; it's too delicate.}]


P.S.: Much adoration to the owner of Solid&Etc for realizing that Integral is a right hottie and making appropriate fan art.



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