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Chibi Theater. Enjoy.

In the meantime I've been dinking around with the Game Boy Advance, a wondrous little piece of technology. That, and I was lucky enough to be the fob recipient of a PSOne LCD screen; however, I lack the AC adapter to plug it in and therefore turn it on so I can use it with other stuff. If anyone has an extra PSOne AC adapter, I will be very interested in speaking to them.

It's also time for Havoc's One-Word Movie Review!

Reign of Fire: Axe.

Road to Perdition: Thompson.

Aside from that, GenCon preparations are under way... if anyone out there's going as well, drop us a line! We'll be hanging around the exhibitors' hall for most of the con.

Until the next update, have fun!


We felt too lazy to put out an actual strip, but motivated enough to draw chibis and tell cheap slapstick jokes. Enjoy :)

A small note about Chibi Theater; it just isn't in continuity. Or at least I don't see it that way. Most of the time.

Hopefully Chibi Theater will fill up the times when we're being lazy bums with something entertaining and worth looking at (well, maybe). It'll also be a good forum for our *really* wacky thoughts.

For the record; imagine a disco ball and other drunk people behind Misty for a better effect, and play some Ace of Base or something.

P.S.: No, this doesn't hold up to Maakies. If it did, Misty would probably mutter that being in denial was the best feeling in her poor world.



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