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We really need to update on time. This is getting ridiculous.

On to the short newsflash before I pass out - OpenCanvas, the little proggie that lets up to three people draw together, rocks. It's small and a cinch to operate, and it's just great fun. All you artist types our there, give it a go!

In the meantime, I really need to get myself a wacom tablet. First, I need to get enough money to pay for it - I'm strapped for cash and GenCon is coming, so lord knows I won't be swimming in funds for a while. Still, it ought to be a blast.

See you later all - hopefully next update day!


I believe some cussing is in order. Fucking fucking fuck, I can't believe we keep doing this so much. But we do. And we keep trying not to. *SIGH*

The past two weeks for me have mostly been research for writing I hope to get off my ass and do (perhaps as soon as tomorrow or tonight), one mini-vacation, a flurry of drawing *other* things, and some foaming at the mouth about the expansion of urinalysis drug testing in high schools.

I just keep thinking of the scene in Rock and Roll High School Forever where Corey Feldman's character and his buddy go in for testing with bottles of apple juice rigged in their jackets.

If I hear of a rash of test defrauding in the schools, I will be one happy neko. Go get em, America's youth!



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