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Giving credit where credit is due: designing bikes is really harder than it seems and it always helps to have some good inspirational material. Harley Daytona, I thank you.

Besides that, this is really becoming the season of changes for me... I'm not only turning 22 tomorrow (one more year, then everything goes nuts), but I'm also moving in with my girlfriend next week. That, and getting a new job as well as generally kickstarting my life into high gear. Nevertheless, I'll do my best to keep the schedule going and keep posting strips!

I can't wait myself... not only will me and Nath be starting our life together, but we'll be living in a basement apartment, which is a true godsend in the sweltering summer heat.

In addition, I'm also proud to announce that HeartQuest, my first full-fledged book (I did the typesetting and graphic design) is finally completed! If you're into anime or, more specifically, shoujo gaming, then drop on by the home of the fine folks at Seraphim Guard and order your copy. Every book you buy is a buck my way! ^_-

Well, I do believe that's it for this week... we've updated the links to Gluemeat as well as Polymer City. The latter was crudely hijacked by an information highwayman, but before you do anything about this, I'd suggest going to the PCC forums over at the new URL to read the status report on how things are going and what caused the switch. And hey, drop on by and give the PCC guys a praise and a read - they deserve it.

In the meantime, have fun, and see you next week!


Another late start, so there was a bit of a rush and a cheap trick to get through tonight's update. The story must go on!

I'm not so sure what made the scanner touch up the paper with its own warm tint. Perhaps the sun was on it too much or something. The paper I mean. I'm not very nice to my paper.

[Havoc says: I grayscaled it before editing. But trust me, it was really yellow.]

This last week has been one of the most miserably hot weeks ever, and as I type this, I am desperate to go to sleep on what's been the first comfortably cool night in a while. Three cheers for global warming, kids. (Tho I don't actually think this summer heat is due to that. No, I blame wacky MI weather for that. Really hot, really cold, and little else between.)



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