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I'll just get this out of the way before I start raving about other stuff - I love emulators. Even though I have my PS2 next to me, I just love the fact that I can pop in my Metal Gear Solid CD into my PC and give it a whirl.

Alright, moving on.

I've got a new machine. My little Mark IV (fourth of my computers, named after reknowned ogre battle tank in Paranoia) is now an Athlon XP with a GeForce and I couldn't be happier. I can run Morrowind without dropping frames. I went back to Max Payne and ran it with everything jacked up to the max and it was flawless (Backstabbing Bastard - no other level comes close).

Aside from that, I'm officially looking for work, as I'm not freelancing enough to support myself yet. If any of you guys out there need business cards or other graphic design work done, I'm here and I have lots of free time. ^_^

Me and my nekojin pal will be at GenCon this year, which should be interesting to say the least. If any of you guys are headed that way too, give us a holler and we'll say hi when we get there!

We've also got a few new strips to link you to - Sinfest and Nekobox. While Sinfest has been a mainstay of our viewing habits, we just recently realized it deserved a place here - hell, any strip where you can sell your soul is fine by us. In addition, we have weird, cute and funky Nekobox to add to our banner belt, mark 2. Enjoy!

And now, I leave the floor to Stephanie Brandl's new masterpiece of fanart. Go check it out in the Stuff section.

See you next week!


Soy milk doesn't look quite as white as the boxes make it out to be.

I went and saw Spider-Man and Episode II in the last two weeks. Spider-Man I will probably go out of my way to see again later. Episode II inspired me to purchase the revised edition of the roleplaying game. While both movies were fun to watch, the audience of Episode II kind of made me feel like I was attending a funeral. Who knows, maybe it's my active approach to watching movies as contrasted to the comatose style of Most Other People. I just felt like my freind and myself were the only two people in the theater who were entertained. We quipped about this and that, mocked the actors, mentioned the need for a laugh track, commented on the stale direction with a backdrop of beautiful setpeices and effect, mentioned the parrallels between the story (the POLITICAL one...where all the plot ACTUALLY resides in the film imo) and British colonialism, and otherwise laughed our asses off.

I must be a bad, bad person. I talk in theaters. At least I try to find an out-of-the-way spot to do it. Quietly and without spoilers. But I still laugh when I perceive a failure among a group of 'professionals', so I annoy anyway.

Our attempts to stagger our work over the week is still being hammered out. Stupid buggering real life. We'll get it worked out. Still, tonight's update went pretty well, with or without being half-done on Tuesday. :)

And while you're here, go to the Stuff section and check out the peice by Stephanie Brandl! She was kind enough to do that for us just for asking! Extra kudos to you, Steph, you rock!



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