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Ah, my kingdom for a rocket launcher.

...addendum. My rocket launcher for a bulletproof tank.

But GTA3 scamperings aside, this 23rd update on the 23rd is rather coincidental, as usual. Ever since discovering the significance of the number 23, it has literally been haunting my life, showing up everywhere and in the most unusual circumstances. In little more than a year, when I turn this fateful number, I can guess it'll be a rather interesting year.

In the meantime, I've been to the movies! Spider-Man and Star Wars Episode 2, primarily, and all I have to say is that they're both very good. Go see them if they're your cup of tea, you'll have a blast.

Halcy has also put up two more energy drink reviews, so go check 'em out in the Stuff section if you're wont to keep abreast of the latest developments in hyperactivity made liquid.

As far as the comic goes, hopefully the new system should keep us updating on a timely manner!

Like we haven't said that before.

(GTA3 shot courtesy of GTA3 Warehouse)


The delay of this week's strip was because of rescheduling; updates will still occur on the same day, but now we're trying to stagger our work out over the week more.

I'll point out (like I'm sure Alex is doing) that this is our 23rd strip, being posted effectively on the 23rd of May. OoooOooeeEEeeoOoo..

Other than that, between couch moving, grocery shopping, the strip, a movie and chores, my mind is fried like a fritter. Thank you and goodnight.



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