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As a special feature (which is what I call it when my artist's block forces me to do something unique to go through with a project), every single one of the first nine panels were drawn in less than 60 seconds each. Vroom.

In other news, I'm FREEEEE!

School is over, my bachelor's degree should be in the mail (soon as I hear back from my many reevaluations), and my work contract with the university expired since I'm no longer a student.

.....Now what?

I'm moving in with my girlfriend this summer, and I have a possible site design contract coming my way. However, beyond that, I need a carreer, or at least more contracts, so I shall be tossing CVs around like so much scripture paper. Wish me luck! There's enough of a market for publicists/marketers/graphic designers/illustrators that I'm not too worried, but the finding is the hardest part.

In the meantime, check out Poisonwind, the first link off the second row of our Comic Belt at the bottom of the page. The art is incredible and the story seems very interesting so far, so I'm hooked. Check it.

And finally, we have another piece of fanart! The magnificent David Van Domelen has once again bestowed upon us one of the main cast members drawn in his fashion. Be sure to check out the Stuff section for his latest piece of art.

Until next week, read, link, and be merry!


After a week off, I still manage to start too late to finish my strip in one night. I blame my D&D game. And even that ran short. *sigh* Ah well, next week should run more smoothly. Especially if we have a working script before 11pm.

This week I've been playing Wipeout 3 again. Perhaps I'm the only person who thinks so, but Wipeout 3 is on a brand new level of difficulty from the previous two games. It's good and it's bad, really. I know going back to playing XL would probably feel a bit akward...but a return of better-working weapons and features would be welcome. Either way, I'm burning up the tracks in an unusually competitive attempt to set up an unbeatable bloc of gold medals and race times. It's kept me busy in what's otherwise something of a lull.

I've also been watching the first season of The Awful Truth, as borrowed from a freind of mine (who rocks, natch). Micheal Moore does so much crazy shit in that show..and in general. I've been a fan ever since I first saw 'Roger & Me' years ago. There's just something about watching a man wander into a Phillip Morris building christmas caroling with a group of people who have lost their voice boxes to cancer from smoking and second-hand smoke. And a man in a chicken suit walking onto a chicken farm trying to get an explanation for the cruel practises within (and the smell). The second season still awaits me.

Here in my house, contracts are starting to end, and so is general consideration for cleanliness. Tucked in with that is also finals week, which affects...basically everyone I know except for me. So I've also been dealing with paper-thin-wall music duels, bathrooms used by people I can only assume miss the puddle-jumping of their youth, last-minute painting, and the moving of a small fridge into my room.




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