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Come with me in the twilight of the summer night...

2002 has so far seen a great deal of good anime, and more is yet to come. I'm especially intrigued at what is to come with 7 of 7, but so far the two episodes of .hack//SIGN I've been lucky enough to watch on the local club's big screen have captivated me. While it's too soon to review, I was rather stricken by the music. The premise itself is more modern than most; the characters are players in an online RPG in a fantasy setting. To those familiar with this world, there will be humor found where most others will not find it. Be you an MMORPG fan or not, .hack//SIGN deserves a good look.

On the other fronts, school is slowly coming to an end, and already I am left with only two classes yet to finish before I receive my diploma. After that, it shall be time to enter the 'real world' of work and independent living. If nothing else, it should prove interesting.

Also, sorry for the late update, but circumstances were against us this week - we should be on time or at least not as late for the next strip.


Sorry about the delay this week. Mutual artist 'bleh' syndrome. As you can see from the glam pic above, I've been quite keen on Fruit (or Fruits) Basket lately. I can't for the life of me find the drum track that plays during the funnier scenes, but I will if I keep trying!

As to today's strip...whenever I draw Kenneth or Stevens, I'm reminded of how much my scanner hates the way I use pencil to make different greyscale tones. I'll be experimenting with ways to fix that, but until then, I apologize; neither of these guys look quite like their ethnicity would imply. Bear with me.

As the weather continues to progress into 'warm', so do my thoughts. I'm probably still lagging on the agrarian school schedule in my mind. So consequently I have to deal with the shoulder-monkey that has yapped at me for a long time: the resentment of anything I could call 'work'. Changing personal attitudes takes time and constant effort. I just hope time will pull me through. :)



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