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Our first simultaneous strip!

Both sides lead into each other, so the correct way to read this week's update is to read panel by panel, left to right across the gutter.

Meanwhile, we have another duo of halcy reviews up, with more on the way - I should get around to the reviewing thing myself by next week, hopefully. My time is taken up currently by the end of university, looking for a good grey trenchcoat for cosplay and working on my Hellsing music video. So much to do! Yet it's all good.

Meanwhile, it's much late, and I must be off - see you later, folks!


Gah, this is always where I go "ok, I'm done with the strip...and now I have nothing really cool to talk about". Arg!! At least my taxes are going in on time.

Today's highlights focused on a trip to the library, where my search for a good primer on European history and geography ended in me checking out an encycolpedia of classic cars, a huge book on yoga, and a smaller book on victorian inventions. Victorians were kooky. And I find myself liking vintage cars far more than I ever thought I could. If anyone wants to just give me a Bristol 407 or maybe even a Maybach Zeppelin Capriolet Sport, go ahead; I'm not stopping you.

Spring's also progressing nicely and I'm slowly shifting into warm weather mode, which means I get out more. And the more I get out, the better my mental health and activity. And my physical health and activity.

This strip should make you happy, if not go outside and play!

Me, I'm off to sleep the sleep of the neko.



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