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I draw damnsmall.

While this comic has been teaching me to draw faster, my passion for details still hasn't ebbed any, and it can lead to very, very hard to spot little nuggets when I decide to go nuts on the backgrounds. If someone out there is avidly keeping track of the little cameos and gags I clutter up by backgrounds with, my virtual Tilley is tipped in your direction.

I'd just like to also mention that this is the most blatant amount of Cheap Panel Copy we've done so far, and in concert, no less. While it's something that occurs frequently in webcomics, I'm not sure of the stigma it carries. Is it good? Bad? Does the added effort make up for the time? Does the time saved make up for the apparent lack of dedication?

Questions, questions.

In other news, my flight is booked, and I am all but ready to go to GenCon. Now all I need to do is wait the required four months for it to begin. Doable.

....*looks at watch*

In the meantime, expect Halcy's energy drink reviews to get their spot soon. Heck, I might start a separate and wholly constituted review section for both me and Halcy; I've been wanting to add my grain of sand to the virtual sandstorm of anime fansub reviews out there. Time will tell!

See you next week, folks!


This week has been a serious mix of ups and downs. I don't really want to go into it, suffice to say that fate likes keeping me dirt poor. The ups however; another strip, and the book-writing is going well from the looks of things! This weekend will still see me frothing at the mouth demanding privacy and coffee, but I have a certain masochistic love for such situations. It reminds me of high school and makes me feel nostalgic, I guess.

Last week I mentioned doing drink reviews...well, I've been chugging away for you all at my own expense and logging the experience, and I now have about 5 or 6 complete reviews. They'll start getting posted as soon as I have some review verdict pics drawn and scanned. This will probably take another week.

I'm sure more new and exciting things have happened this week, but I can't think of any. Alas.



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