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Since Halcy decided to start reviewing energy drinks, I figured I should offer my contribution as well to the growing cornucopia of reviews on various topics by various people who consider themselves authorities on whichever matter it is they're reviewing.

Thus, hopefully starting next week, I'll start reviewing fansubbed anime -- that is, japanese animation series that haven't been licensed for release in North America yet, and which are being translated by fans and for fans. I have my review guidelines set up in the Stuff section, along with Halcy's and a few of her reviews. Stay tuned for more!

Additionally, I'd really appreciate it if anybody could direct me to some sort of low-cost (no-cost would be even better) place to put my anime music videos for public retrieval. This server is somewhat limited in space (at least, if we go over we start paying much more), so I'm looking for alternatives so I can let people download my work. Thanks in advance to any and all tipsters.

See you next week, folks!

(P.S.: Yes, it really is custard.)


This week's features:

Drink Reveiws up!

Mom's cat launched itself off of my arm and face!

Idiots still blame deaths of children on anything but themselves!

Bush still in office rather than asylum!

Tomorrow I get my teeth mangled! (by a professional, no less!)

I'm starting to think my teeth are the reason behind my not having a car. I couldn't survive a breakdown of both at once, financially. (Much as I might be bitching about the cost now, real teeth are better, and I couldn't afford a car anyway. If I wanted one. But I don't. They smell, they're hard to make room for, and they never call.)

Much as I hate the way Misty turned out in the first panel of this week's strip, I'm happy with the level of detail I have this time. Just slightly higher, which makes me feel like much less of a slacker. And no, that doesn't make the fact that I *am* a slacker any less true.

Well, then, enjoy the update in all it's glory and completeness, for I am off to listen to Peter Gabriel and sleep.



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