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Well, I'm back, with a brand new cable modem.

Not to mention my Pie Cutters of Death.

This week's glam pic is of Father Alexandre Anderson, another interesting anime character who happens to share my first name. It's also a sign that I still haven't gotten over Hellsing, which means it's likely to stick around for a while in my head. I'm already putting together the concept for a Hellsing anime music video, which I'll hopefully have time to work on after the three big deadlines I'm currently wrestling with pass.

In the meantime, we have wonderful fanart to show off, and more to come! Also, a big cross-shaped thank you goes out to the kind soul who made the first donation to Girls on the Road - thanks for keeping us in the black! We'll be looking to set up a donation counter soon, as well as possibly find a little something for the kind folk who give to our cause.

Also, be sure to drop by VG Cats, the fun little romp of anthropomorphic felines and video games, who also happens to be the final link on our comic belt for now. Be sure to scout the archives; never have I seen a better depiction of what true gangster mischief is about.

Finally, up in the Stuff section I've got a new little non-GotR drawing up, showing just how much I'm into the vampire hunter thing these days. Amen! *BKAM*

See you folks next week, and stay sharp!


Well, this week's GotR was delayed, but not stopped!

Havoc's connection up and died on him (but it's important to note that it upped first), thus I ceased drawing until further notice after two hours of 'float' time, remembering that I had to be up before noon today. Today itself has been spent relieving myself of bank troubles the hard way (borrowing money from relatives), lunch with my grandmother, some time at my mothers' place, and polishing off the strip.

This week has basically been more of the same, punctuated with frantic writing, bouts of handiness, and gimmicky energy drinks. I'm not sure of the presence of general, honest and critical reviews of gimmicky energy drinks, so I may take it upon myself to do so in the next month. I drink enough of them, I think I should be an authority on the subject.

On another topic, we have fanart! WOOT!

Go check it out right away, courtesy of my friend Dave Van Domelen!



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