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So many things have happened. Bursitis in the left knee that turned out to be possibly a torn or stretched ligament (we don't know yet; the swelling needs to go down some more before the physical therapist can find out), death in the family, more bad blood at the university... at least other parts of my life are looking up, and that's what counts.

I've since had the time to check out some new anime series such as Hellsing, pictured above. Marvelous fansubbed series that is supposedly being translated and brought over to the north american markets, which is very good news indeed. For the fans and newcomers alike, I've put up a Hellsing Character Selector over at; give it a whirl and see who you are when the moon turns red.

In the meantime, I'll also be jumping onto the writing crunch train - deadline approaching, root beer to be glugged and words to be spat out at high speed.

See you next week, folks!

Hollywood has bought the rights for a Dragonball movie to be made. Live-action. With actors.

North american swine reserves are being rapidly depleted due to a strange illness where the pigs suddenly sprout wings and vanish off into the air.

According to astute reader DontPanic, Hellsing is in fact being assuredly, certainly and indubitably brought to north america by a major company. Fingers can be uncrossed; the gun-toting vampires will soon be flying to a dimly lit area near you.


Yo everybody. Sorry about the last two weeks, both of us were under the weather, which is pretty impressive considering most of the time it's one of us being sick and the other unmotivated (and unwilling to put out a strip to stand by itself). Lightning struck, I guess. Two weeks ago I was down with something akin to the flu, and could not eat or sleep properly. I'm on the upswing now, and it's nice.

As I write this I'm withdrawing further and further from humanity in order to make a writing deadline. This is how I work. Procrastinate>lock myself away>wait till last minute some more>voila! I expect my caffeine intake to double or better in the next 2 1/2 weeks. Wish me luck.

On the lighter side, I've found a very distracting, yet self-automated toy called ProgressQuest. Go to to see what I mean. Go get yourself a succubus bra :) (almost as cool as a Dual Festoon of Prurience).

I really hate having all of these update problems, but there is one thing about doing GotR weekly that I do like; I'm getting faster when it comes to drawing. This is an incredible godsend. Starting out, doing a strip took me about 6-8 hours. Now it's taking 3-5. That feels really good. Hopefully this will make updating go more smoothly (but who am I kidding? Nobody.).

So long until next week, everybody!



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