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Well, that was fast. Put away Diablo II for a while.

So much money, so little time...

Ever since having decided with my girlfriend to move in together, gathering furniture and looking for suitable appartments has become a prime focus. Money, of course, remains a key player, as it often does. Moving out, moving in, going to GenCon this summer... I'm finishing my university degree in graphical communications this session, so I very much hope I'll get a good job out of the gates, or at least a job period. If I could live doing this, I would -- since I can't, I'm looking to get a job I can look forward to while working on my other passions during my free time.

And speaking of university... I'll spare you all the details concerning a class I'm taking, but let's just say I do not appreciate receiving a failing grade on a project that followed all instructions the teacher gave. The wheels are in motion; that class is the only obstacle left between me and an end-of-degree scholarship grant and I'll be damned if I'm going to let this stand.

At any rate, I bid you all a good night - don't let the vampires bite...

Especially not those with semiautomatic handguns and anti-material rifles.


Well, today was plagued by awful, awful Tax and Bank Stuff. Hopefully that should be resolved by tomorrow. As is normal, the federal government owes me money, so that's all well and good. As is also normal, the Michigan state tax forms are convoluted, nonsensical pieces of crap that simply cannot be dealt with easily. Luckily, I've had some help (ok, lots of it), so I'm not worried.

Right after the awful Tax and Bank Stuff was an awful bout with the chill in my room. I also have a problem that doesn't normally affect me (it doesn't really make me type slower or cause me more than mild discomfort, it doesn't even unsteady my hands, but...). This problem: blood doesn't reach my extremities well. My hands and feet are cold. This is normal for me. The short of it is that I wear sandals until snow can cover my feet. The long of it is that on a bad day, my hands are stiff as hell, and I lose a degree of line control. The best way to deal with this is exercise, but a quick fix is a hot rinse in the kitchen sink (good on a day when it's not serious, otherwise my fingers go kind of limp. Isn't that fucked?).

The whole point is that I feel damn proud of myself right now. It took me two hours just to get myself ready to *start* drawing, and I was late in the first place, but dammit, it didn't stop me! My pride is preserved!

I've also been plumbing through my newfound love for the music of Bessie Smith. You know the drill, find one song, dig it, then download every file you can get your mitts on and jam for hours.

This week's strip is all-Misty on my end. She just needs more time in the spotlight, I think. Every once in a while I'll do something like this. Hint: you know a character's important when they're alluded to over and over before they're actually a part of the story.

PS: To you readers, there's a hidden gag in this strip, and it's not just in the art. Hint: Read more comics.



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