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I've just installed SimEquipment, and man, am I hooked.

Addictions and barbarian frenzies aside, though, it's nice to play games that, while they have a very successful online format, are also designed for single player use. All the online game rage these days leaves one thing to be desired in my book: permanency.

A few years from now, you won't be able to dust off your copy of EverQuest and play it again for old times' sake; it's not going to be there anymore. It's my personal preference to have things that last, to purchase things as opposed to leasing them, that puts me off of online games. While I'll sometimes try them out, I'll never stick to them for that reason, no matter how cool they may be.

All that aside, I've discovered a new hole for my money, as soon as my debts are paid: Bit Char-G. 60mm radio-controlled cars you can actuall customize. Tire types, gear ratios, suspention, engines... all on a two to five minute lifespan per 45 second charge. That, coupled with the fact that they have most of the cars from Initial D, means me and my friend JLF will most likely get ourselves a pair of the little buggers for some tabletop circuit championships. If any of you have tried these little marvels, drop a word on the Laughin Possum part of the forum! I'd especially like to see what people think of them before I buy a set.

Finally, a big wave and point to our new banner link down low -- Something Positive! Start from the first strip and discover a whole new world of bitterness and scathing humor. Not for the faint-hearted, but everybody else should get a definite kick out of it.

That's it for this update and second sequential strip to date -- stay tuned for more fun in store, and enjoy the olympics!


My poor achin behind. Perhaps this is wrong of me to note, but the chronic ass pain is unmistakable and impossible to ignore after all the running around I did today. But it was worth it. New comics (Blue Monday and Animerica Extra, as well as Last Kiss), AND a Love Hina artbook. Which makes me broke again, but who cares?

Aside from the gluteous hurtie, this has been an excellent day. From Argento Soma to Angelic Layer, I have had all kinds of anime to watch while not doing something at least semi-productive.

I've even been singing along with my Winamp playlist. ...not as frightening as some might think. Even cats can make palateable noises when in the proper mood, and with proper practise. :)

As to this week's strip..remember: J-pop is out there, ready to corrupt you and your children. *looks at all her anime soundtracks and mp3s* ...aye, the music is devious. Still, the key to a happy life is moderation.. and failing that, variety. My J-pop and anime music sits alongside my meager selection of Jazz, fair amount of Erasure and 80's new wave, my indric techno, my hippie music, a fair collection of shamisen music I got from a freind, White Zombie, Bjork, µ-Ziq, Cake, The Ramones and anything else that sounds good. Which means anything but rap, popular R&B, overmarketed pop, and country music.

The more things I like, the more I wonder if I've gained taste or if I've lost it. I'll say gained, it's like age and wisdom.

And before I forget, to those of you who roleplay, Deadlands is one hell of a game. There, Joseph, now you and your evil bastard GMing have been mentioned. Be happy. :)



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