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Golden rule of Bullet Time:

Even in slow-motion, falling off a three-story railing hurts.

And how.

But shootdodge misadventures aside, this week has been colorful. Lots of homework, good amount of regular work, and very little sleep. Life as usual.

I've started up a new D&D campaign with my online friends, and I'm rediscovering not only the joys of that game, but the joys of player handouts. Maps, character pics, and so on -- props really help get into the groove of the game, and more so if you can find a way to make them useful or otherwise profitable to examine. I for one am putting as much hints and secret areas into my maps as I can, and in Photoshop it gets to be a really fun process.

On the anime front, my local anime club has started up again, and we're showing some interesting anime. I'm discovering Full Metal Panic, Fruit Basket and Hellsing, among other promising shows and returning classics such as Argento Soma and Noir. For all those in the Québec region, drop a line to our club organizer, Great Organizer Oniizuka, and he'll put you on the mailing list -- your pipeline to the best pre-release fansubbed anime showings this side of the border.

I'm also really getting heavily addicted to a less recent anime, Angelic Layer -- it may be the Z-G in me talking, but the idea of customizing a little combat doll for battle and experience just sounds like immense amounts of fun and excitement.

Comicwise, this is also my end of flashback season -- expect some more humor and funkiness to return next week! More C-REP mayhem in store!

P.S.: We finally got a PayPal account running! If you have any loose change around, toss some our way to keep the site up! Every little bit is appreciated. ^_^


Ah, the last of this flashback..

Back to funny shit next week!

As for the life of Halcy this's been interesting. Deceptively busy, and I say that because the deception is in the amount of work actually done. I have hardly been able to waft about in unstructured time this week. What have I been doing? Don't ask me, I don't know. This Tuesday and the next I'm covering for a co-worker who's recovering from surgery. My manager needs to make it to class and the extra money doesn't hurt.

I also drew this week's strip, in its entirety, in full sunlight. It creeps me out, and annoys me, because I finally have a suitable lamp and I haven't really used it. Why can't I sleep until 1pm anymore? I must be ill. Oh well, having a bout with sleeping 8 hours daily instead of 10 is not something I can garner sympathy for.

Hmm...last week I claimed I'd start ranting about comic books more often...lessee here..nothing really stands out in my mind for this week. Aha, nothing except the recent news from Crossgen. Crossgen, you see, will soon be releasing monthly comic compilation books with similar production values to their comics (yet squarebound, I hope), yet collecting most of them. There's two of these compilation books, so I'm assuming one will hold the more far-out sci-fi and alternate world stuff, and the other the more fantasy-based fare. This has my interest like few other things happening in comics in the next few months. Why? Because it's a valuable experiment into using a format European and Japanese comics markets have been benefeiting from for a long time. A 10$ comic book compilation in America is something I've hoped for, something that could bring alot of new readers into the hobby by the simple merit of being very cost-effective. ...gods I sound sappy and naieve. I guess I'd just like to see more people in this country willing to crack open a comic for entertainment.



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