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Pay no attention to the man with the one-ton sword.

I've been busy with Final Fantasy X recently, having beat Metal Gear Solid 2 and Grand Theft Auto 3 in the past couple of weeks. I'm still surprised by how this game shines.

This game reunites every single little feature and characteristic I wished they'd put in since the last three in the series. Combat-switching between characters is a dream. Turn orders are worked out admirably and combat as a whole runs smoother than any FF to date. Choice between long and short summon animations. And many more.

My biggest likes about the game are also where previous installments tended to falter a bit. They all center around the same theme: character advancement. No character in Final Fantasy X is useless. Each and every one of them has a specific purpose or specialty in which they shine above the rest, and if he or she is missing, it's a simple matter to switch them into the fray. Square took a mighty gamble with the Sphere Grid, the very funky but very liberating system by which characters advance, and it paid off in spades. Not only has it been masterfully crafted, but it makes gaining even one little level fun. You truly feel you can control each character's progress, and even when they come to the end of their pre-paved path, it's a simple matter to send them off into another direction. I'm currently sending Rikku to learn some white magic in Yuna's footsteps while Tidus follows in Auron's to learn how to kick some more ass. The knightly fellow himself is now a huge mountain of kickass, which is what earned him this week's glam pic - his simple attacks, without bonuses mind you, can now top out at the quintessential 9999 points of damage. I'm eager to see if he can break the four-digit barrier.

But, enough about this game and more about this comic. I'm again encouraging you fine folks to drop by the forums, which are really beginning to feel sad and lonely by now. We've got art sections where you can toss up your works and critique others', we've got general talk sections and comic-specific chat as well, with more on the way. Give 'em a chance! ^_^

For now, have a good holiday wrap-up and may the new year start off on the right foot. See you again soon!



That's not really all I have to say for myself, but it's a good start. Things were going at a fair pace until a house meeting dragged me away for an hour. After getting back on track, I was cool until 1am, then reached a stop point, played some video games, had something to eat and promptly went *fizz*. Cold, tired, shaky and tired.

Between Dynasty Warriors and that hour-long period of listening to why rent should go up 10$ and who's going to get what house jobs, I burned out *fast*.

I've also had alot of painting to do. Upstairs hallways and now the trim...which I'm procrastinating on the most.

Co-op rent is cheap and I love the concept, but shite does it ever take up time.

On a lighter note, I could be having a schedule change soon that will give me Wednesdays off work. This will make for more time with my good freind Sleep and should mean that I start on the strip earlier.

As to this week's strip...I felt like doing something that won't really be explained for a long time. Suffice to say that I find this strip to be rather creepy, knowing what I know.

I'm very proud of the way Jean turned out, but it's pretty easy to tell that I did this over two days...ah well, something is better than nothing, and I keep getting *something* done...

More in store!



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