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Ah, the holidays. Soooo much new stuff.

There's the joy of mankind and the happiness of all involved and the downright faerish nature of the entire holiday season, of course, but the fact remains:

I have soooo much new stuff.

First of all, upgraded to Windows 2000. No crash since, no lockup since, no problems since. I am in Data Heaven. (Actually, I'm in Reinstalling Everything Hell, but Data Heaven's a few burned CDs away.)

Second, got snazzy new glasses. They no longer have the bigger types I had, so now I'm trying to get used to having about 60% the visual coverage I had with my old lenses. Argh. The redeeming factor is, of course, that they look almost exactly like a wearable pair of Nakazato's eyes, from Initial D. He may always lose, but these glasses are winners in my book!

Third and final, got myself a PS2. Grand Theft Auto 3, Gran Turismo 3, Metal Gear Solid 2, Final Fantasy X.

My god.

Havoc's One-Word Game Review, Combo-Style:

Grand Theft Auto 3: Chatterbox.

Gran Turismo 3: Drift!!!

Metal Gear Solid 2: Katana.

Final Fantasy X: ...Funky.

Before the debate begins, it all boiled down to games. The X-Box is superior hardware-wise, and the Gamecube is more affordable, but there simply aren't any games I'd want to play on either of these systems, whereas the PS2 has dozens. So the choice was easy.

The entire ordeal also renewed my faith in Future Shop, as my local Compucentre ran out of the Gran Turismo PS2 combo boxes at a critical time. Future Shop, personalized by a clerkly avatar named Josué, made my dreams come true -- albeit with a hefty pricetag I'll still be paying as the new year kicks in. Ah well. It's all worth it.

Hope you all had a good holiday season -- we here at GotR will be kicking off new strips weekly as before the holidays, so stay tuned!

....Damn, I really need to shave.


Wow the holidays were hectic.

Not only did I go through the usual festivities, but a fair subtraction error led me to lose 244$ to bank fees. So I had to take care of that. I'm still that much poorer...but at least I'm no longer using my bank account into the negative while blithely shopping and collecting overdraft fees like so many flies to honey.

The good part of this Xmas season: I have a new scanner! A Canon N1240U, which has been working perfectly since its installation. No more 4am store jaunts for me! I get to polish the strip in the comfort of my own room! ...but still at 4am. Crap.

I also got a brand new wireless optical mouse. It be sexy. You want one just like it, yes you do.

Speaking of which, the coming weekend promises two things to me...a company party and painting the upstairs hallways of Pheonix House. Funfunfun!

As for all the neato fic side projects: still in progress! Me convincing myself that my writing is worth another person's time is about 10X as hard as with art. It sucks, but it's true. I'm saying this to let anyone who's looking forward to it know that I haven't forgotten.

Well, sleep's to a good new year. May the strip get updated with regularity, may my memory function properly, and let's hope I can work up the froth to write at least once a week.



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