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I just saw Lord of the Rings. I'll refrain from spoilerdom and instead offer the following:

Havoc's One-Word Movie Review:

Lord of the Rings I: Gyaaaahahahaaa.

That's pretty much all I can say. I'm still reeling from the shock of it all. Next thing I do is read the three books and devour them like I did Harry Potters one through four.

In other news, I'm eagerly awaiting my new glasses (coming tomorrow!) and wondering how the hell I'm going to work with any kind of coherence during my last day when I'll have slept less hours than I'll be working -- and it's a three-hour shift. Yarr.

At any rate, Christmas is soon approaching, gifts are sent, holidays are prepared, and on the 26th, price drop or not, I'm getting myself a PS2. Feel the anticipation.

In the meantime, I'm wrapping things up and pondering new add-ons to the site as well as other fun projects to work on. Notably, we really need to do something with Domestic Poor Roleplaying. Seeing NeiA_7 is just exacerbating this desire.

Next year should hold promise. Less school as I wrap up by Graphical Communication degree, more time to play, more time to design and more time to run some Z-G demos. I've been neglecting this awesome tabletop game for too long. Drop by the Atomoton site to see what I'm talking about.

And finally, a big thanks for those dropping by every week -- hope you enjoy this whole shiznit, and hope you keep coming back.


Nothing makes me feel better about sleeping until 1 in the afternoon than getting a strip done the morning before.

I feel a little self-concious about the lack of panels, but...ah screw it, this is a gift to me, too. I like doing big panel money shots. I like Misty's loud jacket. I like Simon's glasses flying off of his face. I like drawing the villain happy only to quash his smile utterly.

I think I finally found something that gives me a good balance between slacking and working on the strip; sitting in my papasan chair and watching anime while I do it. I just have to make sure I start before 8pm...yeesh.



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