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Well, things are actually getting back to normal around here, which is really good.

Exams went well, and all my projects have come to a good final result; all that's left now is to work on the company logo for school and I'll be all set.

We should be able to hit the deadline better from now on; trouble was present on both sides this week, so it ended up being a necessity to delay the update. But, all is passed, all is well, and all resumes as normal.

Oh yes, we've finally added the Cast section now! Go poke around to find the nitty gritty about the protagonists and secondary characters to our little ongoing tale. The Stuff section has also been updated with pics from me and Halcy -- this is strictly non-GotR stuff, which we felt was a good thing to post up here to show what we can do apart from this comic. And hey, it's always fun to show off art.

Also, I'd encourage everybody to drop by the forums and give their opinion of the comic, criticize or show off their own art, or simply give a friendly greeting to other readers.

And finally, a big thank you goes out to Polymer City Chronicles, whose link to us has boosted readership by heaping amounts. If you're not yet familiar with the adventures of Sheeri and the gang, drop by PCC and check it out!

Until then, speak softly, and carry a biiiiig gun.


Halcy: the midwestern work ethic in action!!!

3 days late on the strip, most of which I did while at my real job. Interspersed with conversations about the combination of rosaries and nipple clamps, customer service, and eating triscuits with Easy Cheese.

Ah well, it's been one hell of a week. between finally telling my mother that I'm bisexual and just plain burning out, the strip just had to wait. But now that that's over, you can all expect newer and more exciting drama to interrupt things!

Aside from that, Christmas is creeping up on people once again. I'm preparing to take my latest earnings and troll around for the perfect gifts for all my closest freinds and family. I'm enthusiastic this year, I have a steady job, so I can afford all kinds of nifty stuff.

New to the page by now *stares at Havoc* is a Cast section...and a few fun pics in the Stuff section! One of my first additions to the section is something I did yesterday when I should have been drawing GotR. My goldfish died, so it was cathartic. My house doesn't allow pets with hair, so fish are the only animal companionship I get. And I just got it Wednesday, too! Lesson: small fish do not like pellet food.

Today's glam pic is more fun from NeiA_7. Chiaki smokes the good stuff, kids.

DPR update: No work done.

Origional Fic update: Framework started. Want more written first.

Next Week: Hopefully better than the last! Excelsior!



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