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I miss GoLive.

I'm struggling to find a version that works for me while I edit this in Notepad... I have Dreamweaver, but it's just not the same. It also flat-out refuses to edit the html of the pages, which kinda ruin the whole point of an HTML editor concerning the upkeep of this site.

But nevertheless! This is the first sequential strip, and expect many more -- the little black line guides the reading eye. Whenever you see something like this in the gutter, read the left comic first, then the right for a full, longer-lasting single-story strip! Expect many more tinkerings with the dual-strip format as we try to see how far we can go with this format.

In other news, Thursday is our new official update day, which should stay cemented for a good long while. Although it's past 2:30 as I write this, we should be able to go to sleep at saner hours once we get this down pat and I get my GoLive back... *looks over to Halcy's side* ...and meanwhile, I get up at 7 tomorrow morning. Ugh.

I apologize for the lack of a Cast page update; my lack of a good editor has torpedoed this project for the time being, but expect it to go online next week once we update again! And thanks for those who sent supportive e-mails about my console choice -- PS2 is looking more and more likely in my christmas forecast. In the meantime, it's scrimp, save, draw, and try to get some sleep. ^_^; See you all soon


I think this thursday update thing is really going to work for us...I have some semblance of a normal monday...and I can split my strip drawing between days, which is great because unless I know beforehand how I want to place every line, it takes me a while to get a drawing done. A long while. Oog. Still, it's worth it, and I wouldn't do it if I didn't like it. Expect the update day to stay the same for a long time.

I picked up the Revolutionary Girl Utena movie today and am now struggling not to play it as I type this've got to understand, I love this movie and until now, I've only seen it in grainy fansub format. DVD visual quality is calling out to me with a lovely, lilting Indian accent. *sigh*

Enough about silly anime stuff...and on to silly roleplaying stuff! Soon we're going to expand the site to include more of our joint projects, among the first of which should be Domestic Poor Roleplaying. DPR is all about semi-normal social comedy, and is being made with BESM in mind. If you've never heard of BESM (Big Eyes Small Mouth), go to and check it out! I'm also going to see about converting all the shite I had on my old webpage to a much more veiw-and-print-freindly format and hosting it here. This is all at my personal leisure, which means you should not hold your breath for it. It'll show, but I'm taking my dear sweet time.

Another thing that will come only with my good graces is...*drumroll*..original serial fiction! I have two ideas running in my head at the moment, and one chapter written, just waiting for some semblance of a plan before it gets posted. One of these stories will involve Misty (because while she's not a staple of the strip yet, I feel the need to expose people to her anyway), and one will have absolutely nothing to do with the strip.

Wow, I'm wired. Mussorgsky, caffeine and a nap seem to have set me up to go far into the morning. Which is fine because tomorrow is a late, late workday. God I love working at a comic shop. People are sane there. No opening until 11am



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