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There's something to be said about actually finishing a project.

My own past has been marred with enterprises started but soon after put on the back burner, never to be seen again. Girls on the Road will hopefully start the tide of finished projects coming from my side; it's about time I got things done. ^_^

Working with Halcy has been a personal wont of mine for a while now; we just click on so many levels that I feel we have to do stuff together or we'll violate some unwritten law of nature. The fact that we're both artists also went towards the nature of this particular project, which I believe hasn't been done before: the dual strip webcomic. This isn't just a first-time special; every single installment will have two full strips -- one from me, one from Halcy. Both will follow different viewpoints or different events, but will inevitably be tied in one way or another.

For the time being, my side follows Blue, who's sort of my character in this story; Halcy's side follows her own character (or characters, as the case may be). We plan to have the two strips mingle, mix and match in different ways as the webcomic progresses, so stay tuned!

In addition to the comic, we'll try to start some support forums for fellow artists as well as simple message boards to chat around in about random topics and contemporary issues. This I feel is part of the webcomic experience today, and I think it's a good idea for us to follow suit with GotR. Everybody can benefit from a few good tips and a few good criticisms -- since we're also just starting out in this shiznit, it'll be a learning experience for the two of us as well.

On a final note; a select few of you know bits and pieces of the GotR storyline. Please refrain from spoiling or divulging any of it until it has had its spotlight in the comic proper. We've worked hard on this project, and I feel that ruining the plotlines ahead would not only hurt us, but also reduce the overall enjoyment of the readers who take time to drop by and catch what's happened to the gang. Thank you very much for keeping what you know to yourselves; you have our gratitude.

Also, we've uploaded two strips for this opening day, so you can have a better idea of what's in store and where we're going with this.

At any rate, read, link, and be merry!


Numero uno! The first rant! The first strips! Boy, it's been a long time coming...but we've stuck to it (sort of) and gotten enough done to get the website going! Between my job and my long list of weekly games (as well as starting in the freelance writing world and a few small crises), it's taken much longer than I thought it would to get things started.

I feel like explaining in depth why something we expected to have up and running in August hasn't seen the light of day until November. First of all, I have recently moved out of my old situation with my mother and stepfather. I'm on my first self-owned computer (and it's great!), and am currently living in a Co-op house called Pheonix. Co-op, if you've never heard of the term before, is short for Co-operative, a non-profit corporation owned by its customers. This makes my rent very, very low. It also makes the cost of my cable connection very low when split between 28 people. However, working out whether or not Pheonix house's account was commercial or private, as well as making the LAN server work with the hardware and software of all 3 (3!) companies involved in giving my house internet took about a month and a half.

Me not being online equals me not being able to work on GotR. It also makes me feel downright psychotic. However, now that we've had all those kinks worked out, it should be smooth sailing! A lack of internet on my part won't be causing a lack of updates. Laziness will probably beat lost internet to that.

And now...onto the fun stuff! Comics! Havoc and I have been wanting to do a comic project together for quite sometime..and the girls are just the characters we need. There won't always be a gag strip, but we're certain you'll be entertained nonetheless. There's a story going on, and sometimes we'll concentrate on that instead of jokes. Ok, alot of times we'll concentrate more on the story. It's just something you have to see. Besides, the better you know the characters, the funnier this gets. Trust me. We know.

There's not much I find more fun that scripting for this strip. Havoc and I have enough material to last us a year...quite possibly more. Whenever we're both really bored and the conversation drifts to GotR, it usually ends in us freeform-scripting for about 10-30 minutes. It's just a blast.

Well, all that being said...keep coming back! We plan to update every monday..militantly!..and we have alot in store.



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